Avg Power

(C Turmon - Specialized) #1

One thing that I have noticed that is lacking is your current or even lap avg power on the screen. I know that when I do workouts, I always pace to a specific power number. Even for the segments, just throw up the avg power for that said segment next to the eta time possibly? Otherwise it’s all just a shot in the dark. This feature would be especially useful in the workout mode.

Something else that would be nice is a lap button. With this button, we would be able to do workouts without actually creating a workout or even just lapping certain things on course. This would also be a great time to throw up a avg lap power for that said lap.

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #2

Already submitted, several times:






(C Turmon - Specialized) #3

The thing is nothing has been done about it and most of those were submitted over a year ago.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #4

Use the vote button so the Zwift team puts it on top of the request list.

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #5

Agreed Bastiaan.  It is better to have all the votes for a desired feature to be in one request as opposed to sprinkled around in separate ones.

It is harder for them to find and more importantly to rank them.  They use these votes to set the priorities so the total amounts are valuable.

Use the “Vote” button and add a comment as needed.  That is how this is supposed to work.

(Zee Kryder) #6

I agree for this with workout mode. If you do a five minute interval, there is now way to know what you accomplished unless you get the star/goal average. How much did I fail by? What did I average  when I got carried away and overshot it?

(Mareks Kirilovs Tantrix) #7

jep, agree. Now I need to use my Garmin 510 additionaly , because Garmin show me avr lap power on my SST inervals, but when I am just on London loop, not in training mode.