Average power display

Hi, this has probably been requested a million times already but nothing was easily visible on my phone.

It’d be great if zwift added the average power for the ride into the hud ( much like when doing an ftp test) or just a simple number by the hr/ cadence

Having the coloured barograph on the lower edge is all well and good but quite often in an effort my gaze is fixed further up…. Usually at the countdown :rofl:

a custom configuration hud where you can put different data on like you would with a headset unit would be the way to go, that way you can show the metrics you want

Not used it myself, but I’ve been aware there is an app overlay that shows you some power data like that is realtime.

Might be Zwift Activity Monitor Pro | This application allows Zwift users to monitor their moving average power and FTP in real-time. It also provides valuable metrics to the rider such as average and normalized power (NP), intensity factor (IF), and training stress score (TSS). For the racer and time-trialist, there’s also the ability to configure distance based splits with optional goals. And finally, you can time your own laps and segments (like Alpe De Zwift) using the laps feature.

I use Apple TV and the extra hacks and apps don’t work with zwift on ATV as far as I’m aware

Customised HUD feature request is here and waiting for more votes.

I do wonder whether Zwift have been holding back on a lot of these type feature requests in anticipation of the new UI. The new Home screen seems to be reflecting some of our UI requests of old already…fingers x’ed.