More live stats in the UI

Surely it wouldn’t be hard to have average power, normalised power, lap or segment power able to be selected as a visible stat on the UI?
With Zwift Activity Monitor being killed by Zwift recently, it would be nice if Zwift implemented some of the features we are now missing.

Or in the companion app, seems like the easiest place to add that info rather than the already congested game screen.

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…Maybe like we have the ‘workout’ tab in the companion app (when doing workouts) we could have a ‘ride data’ tab which shows ‘live’ metrics.

These would be a great starting point… but from the functionality of ZAM, wouldn’t it be great if on this tab we could select what we want to see?! Like:

  • Rolling and Max watts/wkg for 5s, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min, 60min, 90min

  • Rolling and Max HR (for above time durations)

  • TSS and Intensity Factor (IF) for the activity

  • Laps - to show avg power (watts/wkg), lap time, lap avg HR.

… Or, if Zwift can’t put the Dev time against this to make it possible, wouldn’t it be amazing if Zwift could just work with ZAM to get it back up and running in between times!

I appreciate there are complexities and reasons behind the ‘security enhancements’ decision, but from an end user perspective, we have only lost a good community developed tool, and not visibly gained anything.

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While the Companion app makes sense, I’d prefer the option to have it in the main UI as well. Often I’m using my phone for other things, and so don’t have the Companion app running.

It wouldn’t have to be on display permanently on the main UI, it could be something to toggle on for those who want it. :+1:t4:


This is why Zwift needs to have a permitted way for others to access the data.

I had a private project for our TTT teams, and the author of Sauce for Strava had a beta of Sauce for Zwift which had many of the suggestions seen on this thread and more.

Sadly these now can’t work with the new encryption. I understand the need to encrypt the data, perfectly valid, but the exact same data is landing on the client PC as before. Zwift should enable a method for authorised apps to access it again and I don’t mean an API access that would have a real $ cost to Zwift, but a method for the zwift app to publish the data locally once decrypted.


Definitely TSS and IF. Using Zwift for training, it’s important to know the intensity of longer rides and currently it’s a guessing game until you end the ride.
Clearly Zwift is calculating the stats, so how hard can it be to display them?
They can even have them on a ‘bike computer’ UI at the bottom of the screen that can be hidden or shown and with customisable stat display like a real bike computer.

But instead we will just get a new bike frame that adds nothing to the game, maybe even a wheelset that will take .1 of a second off my Alpe time, until it bugs out and becomes slower suddenly.