No live average power in Zwift or the companion App

The only thing I use my WattBike B monitor for during a ride is for average power.

I think it would be a great idea instead of duplicating your current power on both Zwift on the PC and the Companion App it would be better to move to average power on the App.

Anyone using the WattBike Atom without a monitor must find its a bit of a pain if you are targeting an average power for the ride while not in Erg Mode, which you cannot find out currently until the end of the ride.

There are no end of small tweaks that could be made on Zwift, perhaps the road edges on the maps could change colour to match the gradient instead of always being black so you know when to put the hammer down before you hit the incline.

The App needs a draft bar to show you what percentage draft you are getting, I don’t want to run a separate bit of software to get this, it should be standard in Zwift that I’m paying for.

It’s all in this topic that has been without any action for many years

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I think we can just call it a decade at this point :wink:

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I’m afraid we’ll be able to “celebrate” the decade - but in 4,5 years (Nov 2028) :cry:

I voted for the request, but the average power should not be showing live in races imho.

What difference will that make ? I can get that on the WattBike now and probably get it using the Wattbike Hub as well, the whole point is to cut down on the total number of devices you need to connect up to try and get simple information that should already be on the screen in Zwift.

That feature request thread is a mess. Sure it’s got 558 votes, and maybe somewhere in the zillion responses someone else asked for average power, but the originating request doesn’t mention it, and mostly is just asking for the ability to move the data elements we have around or remove them.

Maybe that specific forum request but it’s been asked for repeatedly since the early beta days.

It is the repository for all of our dreams :blush: