Recommend additional metrics to be displayed during rides

It would be extremely helpful to view as we do Zwift activity to view the following averages:
This would allow immediate feedback to determine one’s status.

Additionally, my Garmin 820 allows me to view immediate feedback on each segment completed. An immediate comparison is displayed for my fastest time in comparison with my recent best time.
This would provide immediate feedback concerning how well one is riding each segment.
What do you think?

Do you use the companion app? There are other metrics available on there in real time, I can’t remember which ones, but I think some of the ones that you mention are available.

Re live segments, that’s really a link between Garmin & Strava, where you choose your favourite segments. Not sure how that would work in Zwift, but might be a decent facility if it was available. I must admit that I used it when it first came available on the Garmins, but soon got bored of it and switched it off.

For my part, it would be really useful to have the average speed, that seems to me a good indicator.

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Can I ask how average speed is a good indicator? Average of any metric is not a good indicator especially while currently riding.

Please vote up this request since it could solve this Feature Request and many others: HUD Customisation

average speed is just for people who can’t do maths in their heads!

I think shorter averages are good - 30 second average power is my choice power variable
same for the others, current can be too spikey but 30 second averages for cadence, heart rate and power is a good indicator of recent effort

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