Live average power display

in the same box as instantaneous power, cadence, HR it would be good to have average power (say 20 min power, or over the entire ride so far)

+20,000,000 and more!

Yes, I’d like this. I use a Garmin Edge 1030 paired to Kickr Bike to show my average. I track this because I can see how my fitness is progressing.

However there would be complaints about being it shown in races, although people already have workarounds for that.

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Your own post shows the problem with that idea. Even you can’t decide between 20 minute power or running average. Whatever Zwift did would just get a host of appeals for 5 mins, 10 mins, normalized, non-normalized, customisable instead.

At least power, cadence and heart rate are the fundamental realtime values riders output from which everything else is derived.

Meanwhile Zwift are safer waiting for the day when that can be a psuedo-headunit that users can customize to what they want* (but don’t hold your breath).

*If you really want that, if you’re using Ant+ you can share your Zwift ride data with a real GPS head unit showing whichever averages that unit supports.