Power display options and broadcast zPower?

Using a Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll trainer I my speed is based on zPower. The current display panel shows power, cadence and heartrate. The power varies a lot. When trying to ride on a “solid power level” I use my Garmin Edge 800 and keep the same speed.

It would be nice to have an option to customize the current display panel, power as an 3s average.
An other option is broadcasting the data (everything? cadence, hr, power, speed) In that case a third party device, like the Edge 800, with custom display options can do the job.

I agree, a 3s avg makes for a more ‘smooth’ indication. I use 3s avg on the road w/Stages as well.

+1 on the power smoothing. Being able to choose any amount of averaging from 1 to 5 seconds would be really helpful in making pacing easier. I think having all the data fields is nice, but it was mentioned previously that they clutter the UI and that the change probably won’t make it into the game.

Hi All,
I’m using a CycleOps Fluid2. It would be great if Zwift could…
a) broadcast power on an Ant+ channel to my Garmin, ala TrainerRoad (sorry if thats a rude word round here)
b) Be able to apply a 3s or 10s average power to the display on the screen. I use 3s average on my Garminn 510

That would be great. Just got my invite this morning and went for a quick 5 min spin. Very cool, now just have to put the miles in.

Thank you…

yeah, i’d love a power smoothing option. i have a powertap and use 10s avg on my garmin, but it would be nice to see that on the screen too. the instantaneous number jumps around too much.

Did this ever get implemented?  Perhaps I haven’t looked around enough at settings.  I’d love to have a 10s avg. power so I can look at my TV Zwift rather than looking down at my Garmin.