Power smoothing and other metrics

(Loureiro Rodrigo) #1

I really like seeing the metrics on-screen, but it would be great to be able to customize the metrics that are deployed on-screen.
For example, on my garmin I always display 3s power avg instead of the instant power, and for workouts, it would be good to have also 10s power avg.
It would also be good to be able to display workout averages (power / HR) on-screen. This could become crowded on the screen, so being able to customize it would be perfect !!!

(Trevor Barcelo) #2

Agreed. I keep 3s power avg as well as 30s power avg on my Garmin. Very helpful when trying to hold steady efforts.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #3

Bump for 3s power average as well as overall workout power average on screen as well.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #4

Agreed on 3s power and I’d also like FTP, NP, TSS & IF if possible

(Auke Rensen) #5

Agreed on 3s power average. This will allow a much more steady power output while training.

(Brandon Copeland WSR/ODZ) #6

Bump… I always use 3s and 10s power on my garmin instead of instant power.  This option would be nice in Zwift.

(simon green) #7

 power smoothing is a must … come on zwift, sort it out!!