3-5 second average power

Hey Zwift devs,

I want to reemphasize these posts



As it is right now when I am doing a workout, if I shift my weight on the pedals slightly, my power will shoot up 10 points or so. It make it very hard to gauge how much effort I need to put in if my power on screen is jumping up and down. Getting a 3-5 second average power reading would be a lot more helpful in honing in on what actual power I am putting out. 


People have been asking for this for months and they won’t even reply. Frustrating.

Power smoothing option should be an easy thing for them to add.

I agree. This should have been added in beta, in my opinion. 

As of now, what I do is have my Garmin on to monitor Power in 3s and 10s fields. I created a page specifically for the trainer to do this. I only look at Zwift for power every so often to make sure it is reading. 

I agree, smoothing power with 3 or 5 second average is needed - doing intervals without averaging I’m bouncing all over the place and can’t stay in the zone.  I end up using Zwift Power from the kurt kinetic and it has a high bias as compared to my power meters. This should be a high priority if Zwift wants to become serious platform for training.

Was just going to suggest averaging as well, glad I found it’s been requested.

It would be perfect to have it done similar to Garmin GPS units - 3s, 10s, 30s averages and let the user choose which to display on the HUD.

The averages should obviously also be considered in W/kg calculation - my powertap G3 readings vary *A LOT* , maybe 10-15% every  second or two.

I know that’s a good incentive for me to improve my pedal stroke smoothness but still it’s annoying in Zwift.

Some people end up using trainerroad to do the averaging and rebroadcast that into Zwift using secondary ANT unit… Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.