3sec or 10sec power for workout mode

(Michael Grigat CCT) #1

Power output fluctuates too much with current screen settings. It is not very easy to pace somewhat stable without having a smoothing function.

(Stuart Davis) #2

I agree this would be useful.

Unlike with a smart trainer that can set the desired level, I use a Wattbike and it can sometimes take 10-20 seconds to find the right power level as you move between zones.

The instant power readout can spike sometimes ±50w from the target level and I find I constantly over-compensate until it settles.

If the instant power spikes could be smoothed I’m sure it would make the workout experience better.

(Dan Wilko) #3

Totally agree. I’d also like to see overall interval average power or lap average possibility (where lap is activated by ipad/keyboard?). As it is, fluctuations in power readings stress me out when trying to hit a certain average and I end up over-compensating and going too hard. Currently, I have to use my Garmin on the side to do this - not ideal.    

(Bill Mickey KSD) #4

It would be great to know if they plan on implementing 3 or 10 second averaging for power, or even making it user selectable.

(... red5) #5

Could just be Internet lag