Workout Mode Power Smoothin

(Mark Moran 7674) #1

Am I alone in finding that using workout mode with power smoothing on isn’t great - in shorter workouts, the time taking to hit the target power when smoothing is on means you miss getting your ‘full stat’ for that segment of the work out - which makes me sad…!!!

(Jeff Burke) #2

This also happens to me.

(Michael Henasey) #3

This doesn’t sound right to me.

The 3-sec average option only affects the main in-game display of power in the HUD.

I believe both the mobile app and the w/kg value next to your avatar in the rider’s list both reflect your instantaneous power, not the 3-sec average.

Thus, if you are not hitting your targets for short (e.g. 10 sec) intervals, perhaps it is because you simply are not providing enough power.

Until Zwift provides a more customizable HUD where you can display both instantaneous power and avg. power, I would turn off the 3-sec avg. power for workouts with such short (e.g. 10 sec) intervals.


(Jeff Burke) #4

my problem isn’t hitting the max power.  Its getting back down to a low power in a timely fashion after the interval.


I can never get low fast enough and end up missing my star on the rest period…lol

(Michael Henasey) #5

which workout, Jeff? 

what are your interval and rest times and power?

(Jeff Burke) #6

6 week FTP builder Week 1 day 2 Power.  10 second big power  2 min rest.

(Michael Henasey) #7

And what trainer are you using?

From what Zwift has said, you have about 7 seconds or so at the beginning of an interval to get to the prescribed power. Also, you need to be within some percentage of that power in order to be on target. I don’t recall what was exactly said for that amount.

Regardless of what trainer you are using, 10 second short intervals/bursts are going to be a challenge with the software and ERG mode smart trainers. I never try to perform these 10-15 bursts. I always go with 30 sec. bursts. The amount of lag from my KICKR in ERG mode is too much to be able to perform these short intervals consistently.

I would recommend modifying this workout (6 wk FTP Builder Wk1 Day 2) and replacing the section with the bursts with a free-ride section and then increasing the resistance manually and performing the bursts/sprints this way. What’s great about free-ride mode is that on the KICKR it uses Level mode and this simulates a fluid trainer. Thus, the faster you go, the more resistance is applied. You can also increase the resistance using the keyboard (+/-) or the mobile app. 

(Jeff Burke) #8

I’m using a Kickr Snap.


I may try that option.  Thanks for the tip.

(Michael Henasey) #9

Np, I hope it helps.