3-5 second average zPower

(Kenneth Huang) #1

Been using the Jetblack Z1 with speed/cadence sensor, and the zPower jumps around a lot since it takes into account the small accelerations. zPower can jump from 60w to 180w when i’m holding the same perceived effort (same cadence on same gear). Is it possible to have the option to use a time averaged value to smooth out the discrepancies? 

(Jeremy Summers - Minehead CC) #2

Power jumps around a lot with my PowerTap generally about 20W either side of my average - I use Zwift mostly while trying to sit at a predetermined power - but this is more or less impossible as it stands, mainly for this reason I overlay TrainerRoad which allows rolling power average up to 7 seconds. I’d like to see even higher - maybe as an optional view - perhaps 30 seconds like I have on my Garmin. 

(David Gradden) #3

This would be a very helpful feature, especially when doing a workout with a target power output.

(Tim Williams (PTH Multi Sports)) #4

It looks like Zwift use 1 second average on their power, which is the default setting on Garmin when paired with my Garmin Vectors. I have changed this default to 3 seconds as advised by a coach, which is much easier to keep at a constant power when doing intervals. After doing Zwifts FTP, and a few other workouts using power intervals such as the Wringer and McCarthy special, I found it almost impossible to keep the power constant at the required levels! So frustrating! Zwift really need to get this changed to at least 3 seconds average. Please vote on this if you agree. Thanks.