Power data fluctuation

(Carl Grzegorzek) #1

I don’t know if any smoothing is applied to the displayed power data or if it is raw. It seems very jumpy though which makes it a little difficult to maintain a steady power. Is there an option in the pipeline to display a 3 second average instead? That works really well on my Garmin.

(Wheelbrother 1) #2

Same problem here. Steady rpm in same gear and power fluctuates by 50 watts. I have to look at my garmin to see a steady number.

(Dave Harger) #3

Same issue here. Swift needs to correct this before “work out mode” gets accurate. Maybe it’s reading raw power, and not averaging by 3 second power. 

(John Baker) #4

Rather than start a new thread, I am commenting again on this issue.

This is a show stopper and needs to be addressed. Many riders attempt to ride at a certain power output and the jitter in the power calculation is not acceptable for a product for which you have to pay. While in beta where it is free, it is fine, but not when we must pay.

Resolve this and the product will be definitely improved.

(Wheelbrother 1) #5

Zwift has been great at improving the product so far, but this a big deal for a lot of people.    

(Harris Silver BCC) #6

+1 on this.  Power seems a little jumpy and just wondering if any progress has been made on this issue.  A few options would be nice, +3, +5, +30 maybe, similar to what is avail in Garmin?

(D. ropfoot Daddy) #7

Agreed, very frustrating,especially when you are training with a certain number in mind.  This is the one thing that may hold me back from becoming a full member.  Does anyone know if Zwift plans to address this?