What happened to power readings?

For those of use using z power, what happened with the smoothness of the power readings? It used to be as smooth as Trainer Road virtual power, but since a few updates ago the instantaneous power read out is ALL over the place. Normal, steady cruise around the island and I’m bouncing all around in the massive range of 75-175w. The readout is virtually useless. It’s not different for my girlfriend who is also using z power and has a different brand ant+ dongle. I keep hoping each new update will fix this, but they don’t.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for writing in. We’re aware of the issue and will be working to resolve it as we continue refining Zpower.

Just a quick question: are you experiencing power spikes coupled with shooting forward at fast speeds? Or is ride fairly consistent despite the erratically displayed power?

I noticed this but to me it seemed to be left/right stroke specific as the spikes were in time with cadence and when I tried spinning circles rather than my usual “mashing the pedals” style it was much smoother.

Per my email response, the rider seems to be unaffected. No surging or dropping. The power reading fluctuates so rapidly though I’m not sure the rider has time to respond.