Power meter glitch and 2000w and data

So my power meter freeaked out and got stuck and 2000w. I immediately stopped and deleted ride to not mess up my data but it’s in my 90 day PB and I worried after that it move into all time and be stuck there forever.

Any way to fix this?

Only Zwift can fix it. My trainer does this fairly regularly if I get off for a few minutes and the power meters go to sleep so I don’t bother asking for the fix. If it’s a one time glitch then it might be worth the effort.

Unfortunately Zwift seems to be the only company that can’t do anything about it.

Had it happen on my KickrBike when ANT+ dropped for the first time ever (still trying to figure out why, as it’s done it a few times, but only started happening since August).
Swapping to the non-FEC ANT+ mode, it spiked 2000w for 1 second; but since I was in sensor select screen I didn’t actually go anywhere.

I asked Zwift support to fix my graph, and DQ the results of the ride it happened to me on; but… nothing, my graph still has that spike.

Meanwhile; every other website I use to track my power like Garmin and Intervals never showed the spike… go figure.

i think you can email staff and they can do it manually, you can’t do it yourself though since that data isn’t stored locally anymore. i have a ride with bad data from like 2018 or something that i want to get deleted, but not enough to bother emailing anyone about it.

Yeah I have done that previously. I had a defective trainer about 6 years ago but the data had long since disappeared from my best. When Zwift switched from local files to sever side the number reappeared. Took me months of back and forth on email for me to finally get them reset only to have this happen.

I was more curious as to whether 90 day PB will vanish or if it will move into all time PB which will suck.

Were you dealing with the main Zwift support contact, or did you email zwiftpower@zwift.com? I suspect the latter would have more consistent response to this problem.

yeah I did it through the zwiftpower email as you posted.

They… made attempts; but nothing they did removed my high spike.

At this point I just can’t be bothered anymore lol, it doesn’t affect anything, it’s just weird looking in ZP and on my profile on Zwift.com; it will disappear eventually.

It doesn’t show up on my ZP history bars, since it only goes to 5 seconds anyway.

Either way OP, contact ZP through the link Paul shared, and have them DQ that ride for the sake of safety. Expect that line to be there for the next 90 days though.

Unless they’re able to fix it for you; if so, let me know. They weren’t able to do it for me though.

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