2000 watts on Kickr Core

I got a (very) anomalous 2000 watt power reading for a brief second yesterday. It awarded me all the sprint badges (which I don’t want unearned), and it has also completely screwed up my 15 second power number on Zwift Power. How do we fix this? Its activity number 1289452938644684832

You used to be able to wipe your recent best power locally on your PC but i think that is all based server side now so best to raise a support ticket to see if the activity can be cleared.

I have the same problem with my trainer when the power meter wakes after going to sleep. Take a few minutes break off the bike, get back on and do 2000W after one pedal stroke. Since I can’t fix the problem, and it doesn’t affect my race category, I just ignore it. If it’s a one-time event then it might be worth contacting support. If it’s something that happens periodically then it’s probably not worth it.

I have the same problem and no solution. Zwift support ticket raised 2 month ago, but so far no solution. Disappointing.

Did anyone ever find a fix? Same thing happening here.