2000w Spike in ERG Mode [KICKR Core] [KICKR] [KICKR MOVE]

Often when I am doing a workout on ERG mode (with a Wahoo Kickr V5) when I stop pedaling for a short amount of time or pause the workout ERG mode will switch off. The issue I am having is when I try to switch ERG mode back on, almost every time my power will spike to 2000w for 1 second then return to normal. This is very frustrating because not only does it stuff up the power chart for the ride, but Zwift now thinks my max power is 2000w when realistically its 950w (18w/kg). I have had this issue for a long time and I would like to know if it is an issue I can fix or if it is a problem with the game.

Whenever I stop pedaling in ERG or I pause the workout then continue it shortly after, almost every time the power spikes to 2000w which is very frustrating because it stuffs the graph and my max power records. I am using a wahoo kickr V5 trainer and a windows 11 pc.
This is a regular issue I have had for a long time.
If there is any way to fix this issue I would be very grateful.

I think Zwift is trusting whatever number the trainer reports so you might try talking to Wahoo.


I’ve had this issue when I’ve had power drops for the first time over ANT+ since August with my KickrBike.

There doesn’t seem to be any fixing it; I had Zwift support try to delete it so my power graph wasn’t ruined, but that didn’t seem to do anything; my 1s power is still a silly spike on Zwift and ZP (at least for another 70 something days)

What’s weird is; these 2000w spikes are ONLY visible on Zwift and ZP. Garmin and Intervals were able to delete them automatically, which I thought was weird that Zwift can’t recognize a spike from say 200w immediately to 2000w for half a second is not erroneous data and delete it like ‘everything else’ can.

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I wish this post had more attention, or there was more info about it online in general to debug. This is an issue I have also experienced for at least two winter seasons now, and it skews my power graph (as well as peak power of course) once I start doing ERG workouts. The data gets recorded on Strava’s power curve, even though the ride data itself may not always show the spikes (though the Zwift companion app usually will). As soon as I stop pedaling long enough for the power to dip low enough to disengage ERG, it will spike any time it reengages. It doesn’t happen when freeriding. As it’s been an ongoing issue for a while, naturally I’ve gone through many Zwift updates, computer updates and trainer updates (I am also using a kickr v5). I’ve even replaced the ANT+ dongle with a new Wahoo one during this time.

I’ve yet to try connecting via Bluetooth or bridging with the Zwift companion app to see if that makes any difference, but I’ve been using the ANT+ dongle because Bluetooth connections didn’t seem as stable overall when I first set up my pain cave years ago. I haven’t reached out to Zwift/Wahoo/Strava etc. for support yet. I don’t really care about it happening in-game, I just don’t like that it skews all my data and wish there was a way for these platforms to be able to detect that this is a blip. As much as I’d like to be able to put out a 40w/kg pedal stroke for even just a fraction of a second, I’m just not superhuman.


I use bluetooth so unfortunately that makes no difference.

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I have exactly the same problem, it’s so frustrating. Even with a brand new trainer

I have the very same problem… Would be very happy if there would be a fix.

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Same issue here. V5 KICKR, Rival Watch, Bolt computer. I have not noticed the watt jump on the companion app yet, but it did this 4x during my last ride. All 2k peaks in the same scenarios as you all mention above.

Me too. 2000w wahoo kickr core .

Same here, both on Windows and Android

Kickr v6 checking in with 2000w spikes. It got worse over time. Near the end of my 90min ride I had 10+ spikes on my screen. Mine were occuring while pedaling so slightly different. It’s very frustrating.

I had the same thing occur on my ride Wednesday but it only happened at the beginning, then a few lower spikes but was good then the rest of the ride.

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Hey all - Wahoo released firmware v 1.5.5 that addresses this 2000 watt spike when switching between ERG/SIM.

UPDATE from our friends at Wahoo Fitness:

  • This fix is for KICKR CORE, KICKR v6, and KICKR MOVE.
  • The fix for this issue for KICKR v5 is not quite ready - the workaround for now is to toggle off ERG speed simulation in the Wahoo app.

Please update your trainer following these instructions on Wahoo’s support site.