2000 Watts!

Today when descending Le Reine, and in a draft, I some how hit 2000 watts for a brief moment. Which gave me ‘The Blowdrier’, ‘Premier Power’, ‘Off The Rocks’, and ‘1.21 Gigawatts’. I already had ‘Just Scrape It’. I am pretty sure this was a bug, although in my Strava data I see 2000 peak watts.

I mean…you’d know if you were putting 2000w through your trainer.

nah, 2000 watts easy lol

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Yeah man, that’s my zone 2, but everyone is different.

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You guys must go through trainers like innertubes. “Wait, hold up everyone. Gotta swap out the smoking Kickr…”


I would have thought it was more likely this is a trainer problem than a Zwift bug, trainers and power meters do sometimes get power spikes, I’ve had it happen myself before (not on my current trainer) where I’ve had a 1500w reading reported. There’s no way I could ever hit that given my max power is barely half that. I’m not sure what causes it but I do think its the trainer rather than Zwift software and since it happens so rarely (I can literally only remember seeing it once and on an old trainer) I don’t worry about it

I am note sure, just seemed odd. Ever since I switched to Ant+ a few weeks ago my trainer has been really consistent. I was having problem with BLE dropouts previously. You might be right, but it happened on the descent. Me and another person where drafting off each other back and forth. There was a minor update also today. I also did a spin down at the end of my last ride. It could be caused by a power spike like you have suggested though.

Did you stop pedalling and then start again, I used to have a problem with a trainer, tacx flux, that it would show a very brief figure of very high wattage when it first connected to zwift.

If I had loaded zwift and then turned the trainer on it would initially show very high wattage when it first connected then would be fine.

It’s an old problem, stamp on the pedals whilst freewheeling down the radio tower and you’ll get it.

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Yes I think this is when/how mine happened. From memory, I was mid-ride, had stopped for a comfort break, clipped back in and set off and the power showed ridiculously high. I’ve had similar spikes in similar situations before of say 400-500w (also wrong/unlikely) but it only hit that crazy-high number once that I can remember.

Huh… that must be how I got all mine. I’ve had all the watt-related badges for years, and I could never figure out why (my sprint gets up to 600 at best)!