Fluctuating Power

I use the 1200$ wahoo trainer. Using the wahoo app and turning off the ERG mode the trainer produces consistent power. However, when I am in zwift it jumps from 160 watts to 80 watts and back up to 200 watts within seconds. Why does my free ride power fluctuate so much while everyone else’s power stays consistent?

Zift 2

You do realize that you are going uphill in the bottom pick? With almost the same RPM your power will go up.

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@Taylor_Amborn - It looks like you recently upgraded to a smart trainer. I suspect you dont have power smoothening on within either Zwift app or your Wahoo trainer settings (or both).

Whats the relevance of the 2nd picture? I assume its to show the contrast of smoother power between another rider and you? The 2nd rider certainly is more consistent with what I see.

I presume its a Kickr you bought?