Power variation (Reduce or More Power)

Hello friends, I’m a new in Zwift and I have a question.

Could you explain to me why if I have programmed a training at 135 watts for 40 minutes, the power does not remain stable?

most of the training is above 135 and a warning appears (reduce power) or on the contrary, the power also goes below 135 and a warning appears (more power)

Shouldn’t Zwift maintain the desired power and not vary as much?

I do the training with a simulator Wahoo Kickr and with the erg mode.

Thanks for the answersss

Hi @Mauricio_Realpe_Delg

What system are you using. If you use ANT+ use the FE-c option.

Have you updated the firmware on the Kickr and done a spindown with the Wahoo utility app?