average power, cadence and speed.

can you please add in the ability to see your average power, cadence and speed for the ride? either on the mobile app or game screen.

If you link Zwift to Strava, it gives average Speed, Cadence & power. It also gives an Weighted average Power reading.

Strava is free to download, and you can get all these readings without paying for Premium.


Ride on Dude!

I already have strava premium and I have it linked, however you can’t see any of the averages while you are riding. I like to know my averages while I’m riding so if I am aiming for a certain figure for the ride I can increase or decrease intensity to suit.

I have my Garmin running also which I can use to give me my average power, cadence and heart rate but it can’t give me the average speed as that comes from zwift, also it’s just another thing on the long list of to do’s that I have to remember to take care of before the start of the ride.

I was just about to ask this very question - at least with seeing average speed. Just as with Strava, average speed seems to be given the cold shoulder, lol.

showing current lap time constantly not just towards the end would be handy

Or even a customizable display so we can choose whatever we wish to view just like on a Garmin, with different pages set up.

I agree, ave power definitely, ave cadence and ave speed too, ideally toggle-able. Actually I get this right now if I pair my power meter with my bike computer (I use cyclops joule 3 which has an awesome display) but have to keep looking at this, the phone app and the screen!

I agree, ave power definitely, for me it is very important :confused:

Of course customizable display will be the best solution.

I hope it will be comming soon.

Hi everyone, yes the AVE of all these things would be great. Perhaps one box that rotates through these every 5 seconds to minimise the size of the box.