Displaying average power during a rides

I sure would like to have the feature added that allows me to see my average power during any ride, just like the FTP test does.

That is nice and I will vote this up but this is exactly why I load my rides to Strava.


I do that as well, but that information comes after the ride not during it. Sometimes I like to do an unofficial FTP test and average power would help with pacing possibly.

One option is to use the FTP test itself. When you start it you can hit the tab button to fast forward to the 20 minute section. I have used this when testing my 8 minute power.

Average power is helpful but can be misleading. Any course that has a long downhill will give a false power average unless you continue to hammer it all the way down. And an average where you go 200 watts alternating at 100 watts, will not give you the same time up a climb as it would riding a steady 150 watts. 

another option is to use the ‘G’ graph during your ride. If you know your goal, you can judge it based on what color your graph is showing. So, instead of all yellow, you may try to get a 50/50 mix of yellow and orange. Another day maybe a 75% time at orange. It is precise, but that and your heart rate can guide you just as well as a number can. 

Hear hear! Average for a lap (ie we need a lap button to do this) would be even more useful for me. Alpe du Zwift does this a bit for the switchbacks, and I find it very motivating.

Analyzing afterwards (ie in Golden Cheetah, etc) is a totally different thing than having a running average power while riding. Currently I have to use my bike computer to do this.

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