Laps / auto laps

Feature request for a auto lap by timer, auto lap by distance or position. This would likely need to be an either or thing with regards to laps by “structured workouts” ie; 15 min warmup, 15 min interval, 5 min cooldown repeat, etc…

This is more like,lap every 5 minutes, lap every mile, or start of loop, etc…


This would be a nice feature.

I was thinking about this very thing today. It would be great to at least have the ability to auto-lap on a circuit like Zwift Island. Having the ability to add lap markers or have the system auto lap by time or distance, or not at all, would be even better.

I’d add my vote to this request.

At the moment I rely on my Bike Computer when doing any structured workout, eg 6x3 min with 3 min rest etc.

Being able to click a button onthe App or a key on the keyboard and have a 
“lap timer” would be very cool, especially if it then transferred as a laptime to Strava.

Yep lap needs to be added to training mode 

Agreed - it should be added to both the regular rides and to training. Auto lap for each Zwift loop would be nice too, but less important than the ability to create laps.

The workout mode most definitely needs to see some sort of average lap or interval power.   Also, the power readings need to be smoothed better to show average 3s or 10s power.   Not instant power, as it just jumps all over the place!

As Luke says above, need power smoothing!  Watching my power jump all over is distracting while I’m grinding.

For regular rides around Zwift Island, I would like a avg power for the KOM, green jersey sprint and island lap.

for workouts, I would first like a interactive lap button on the app. If that won’t work and something needs to be built into the system for auto use by everyone, then I prefer avg power for each segment. IOW, if I am doing 5 x 3 minutes w/ 2 minute recoveries, the avg power for each segment would give avg power for the 3 minutes then restart to give avg power for next 2 minute segment. And, secondarily if you can also do it, I would avg power for the whole workout from the beginning.

I would love to not only see an auto-lap, but also an auto option for actual course lap available.  Additionally,I would love to see manual lap triggering with either the phone app or as I do it on my real world rides… with the double tap of my Wahoo heart rate monitor.

Yes! Just ad a lap button, its just a pain in the butt to do manual analysis if you’re doing workouts without workout mode.

Lap button please.  Autolap would be fine, I guess.  But a manual lap button would make me so happy.  I just need to create segments in my workout sometimes.  Running my Garmin in addition to the Zwift file is a bit of a nuisance. 

Just bumping an old topic as I only started using Zwift recently but had the same observation.

I upped the top request. Specifically I need a way to add a lap point to structured workouts that would drop every time i go through a Zwift arch. a manual lap button would be sufficient as a start.

Yes, I need a lap button too.