"lap" button to divide ride output

I found one post suggesting this from a couple months ago, but I wanted to re-suggest it.

It would be nice to have an in-app or keyboard button to mark “laps” in the .fit file for post-ride analysis.  These could be used when doing intervals, to mark the KOM and sprint zone starts/finishes, etc.



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Hi JP,

Best to just post in the original thread and bring that back up if possible (in the future) since we do not, yet, have the possibility to merge posts.

But this is a good feature and some variation of it is on our massive “to do” list. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, Eric.  I did vote it up, but it didn’t appear to bring it to the top.

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The vote feature is kinda weak, it’s true. And no worries!

I’d have thought this was high priority. With most people loggin turbos on strava, its a real pain to not have e lap function.

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Ijust do this on my Garmin and work to ave. watts for the current lap as well. It would be good to have this option on Zwift as well as not everyone will have a Garmin similar that has the lap function.

A tag-on part of this request is the option to have it auto-lap at the start and finish of workout intervals once a training mode is implemented.



Yes! Lap button now!

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When I do my long rides outside, I set my Garmin to auto lap every 5 miles.  I find this useful to see when my power and cadence start to drift. Also, I may mix in some random intervals that I would like to capture, so I love the lap button ideas as well. It would be great to have an auto lap function as well. 

Auto lap marker for each segment of a workout please !  Trainer Road does this.

Lap Lap Lap button , me too need this option !!!

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A Lap Button would be very nice!

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Is there any response from Zwift on this suggestion for a Lap Button? The question seems to have been left “hanging” for a couple of years! Thanks.

Lap button please!!

Is this the previous post that was referred to above (November 2014)? https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201336635-Laps-auto-laps

Yes, however, I would like to see a response from the Zwift team, if they are monitoring/considering the request, for a lap button.

Please give us lap button this a must have feature!