W/Kg displayed in Zwift Companion mobile app

It’s mentioned in Zwift everywhere but W/Kg seems absent in the mobile app. I have found several topics/requests about this in the archive. Are more people missing this or is there a reason for not displaying perhaps? It would be nice when it’s displayed in the tabs ‘Map’ and ‘Dashboard’ when riding.

I would also love to see w/kg in the companion app. It’s too small for me to easily read from my laptop screen.

why do you need to see w/kg?

When you do a group ride for example, that is 2.2-2.5. To keep your w/kg in that range.

There is more to keeping up on a group ride than W/KG, it is far more complicated than that.

A person weighing 80Kg will have higher watts @ 2.2w/kg then someone who weighs 50kg.

I am sure Gerrie is going to same something similar, but will more detail.

But if the group ride has a ride leader then you only need to follow the leader. If you weigh significantly less than the ride leader you will be dropped if you try to stay within your own w/kg range.

Also you know your weight and you can see your power so it is ease to know in what range you are.

A small cheat sheet like this is handy to gauge in what power range you should be.

so for a 70kg rider doing a 2.2-2.5w/kg ride he should ride at about 160w




Lets say the ride leader weigh 90kg and the rider weigh 70kg on a ride that is 2.5w/kg rated.
the Leader will hold 225w @2.5w/kg. then the rider need to produce the same amount of power (on a flat road) to hold the same speed, therefore the rider hast to hold 3.2w/kg.

There are other factors like length that will also play a smaller role.
when the ride goes up hill the leader and rider speed will be closer at the same w/kg.

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I totally understand there is more to w/kg in a group ride. And as a 52kg rider, I have extensively research the implication on flats, on climbs, on ascending vs a 80kg rider.

I would like to see my w/kg as I ride. I am 59 years old, and the W/kg on the laptop display is too small for me to easily see at a distance. So why not have it available in the app? Even if it is an option in the app. For example - the same way you setup a Garmin 1030 - you can select what you want to see on your screen.

I just gave the group ride as an example. If W/kg isn’t important for anyone to see and/or be curious about - then why not remove it from the computer interface as well.

Hope this helps you understand the point I am trying to make. It’s a simple request.


I am all for removing w/kg from the screen. That will make racing a lot more interesting. It will also make it easier to lead group rides, maybe people will then follow the leader’s pace.

I still have the same question as before :

vote for this request.


That’s for the HUD. That’s not what I’m looking for. I want to be able to customize the companion app. (the topic of this thread). The feature request you pointed me toHUD Customization is referring the the heads up display for the Zwift interface - not the companion app. I voted for it in this thread - so hopefully that will make a difference.

Oops I had my lines crossed.

I now see this in the Companion app and LOVE it! I race a lot of TTTs with WTRL. Displaying w/kg is invaluable fir maintaining pacelines! Thanks Zwift!