W/Kg on Dashboard

Since all races and most group rides are based around W/Kg that number should show up on your top dashboard and the other riders in the right sidebar should be bolded and maybe in red so you can actually see them without leaning into your screen to read.

I agree, this data is difficult to read as it stands.

Yes very hard to read…or make the rider stats opaque so the text stands out more. Super hard to read in 1080p for a distance.

Perhaps it could even change colors’ to indicate if you’re above or below the specified w/kg

+1 on that. Make the W/Kg easier to see.


It’s important in a group race to keep an eye on what your rivals are outputting. Particularly if they are tryign to make a break.

Custom screens showing kpi’s.  Just like a garmin 

I agree, I would love to see w/Kg displayed on the dashboard.  Maybe adding it to the same field where wattage is displayed would be a logical place.

Everything we do in Zwift is based on this one number (W/kg). Its what makes group rides possible and moves our avatar at the correct speed, yet the only place you can see this number is a small hidden number under our names. (Impossible to see if you ride on an iphone/ipad screen).

The fix is simple. Allow the user to toggle between Watts; W/Kg or Avg Watts in the blue box at the top of the dashboard. 



Also agree this is pretty much the most important number and is currently hidden in the leaderboard

Why do you need to see your w/kg. If you do a group ride you just have to follow the ride leader, no need to look at your own w/kg. 

When you do a race you need to calculate your w/kg from your FTP to select the correct group to race in, after that you race as hard as you can.

When you do training you need to see your watts because training plans is based on power zones in watt.


If you really need your w/kg you can easily calculate it from your current power and your weight. if you do 300 watt and you weight is 75kg then your

w/kg = 300/75 = 4w/kg