Mobile App Feedback

(Eric Welch) #1


The mobile app is cool, here are my first impressions:

I didn’t know what the “change camera” icon was at the top of the mobile app, but it was super-obvious after using it the first time.

the “communication” screen - the second one - seems like it’d be more useful than the first “information” screen while riding. Gestures, etc. While I’m really into seeing the data, it’s already visible at the top of the computer screen, so I think I’d be looking there first.

will there be more screens on the mobile app? I’m thinking of some possibilities:

a). a large list of riders and my time as it compares to them - perhaps mimicking what’s currently to the right on the computer screen

b). graphs of my power, cadence, etc

c). strava segment times that are coming up, my ranking in them, my personal bests, etc

d). current segment (sprint / hill) time with KOM times listed, etc.

4). I like the fact that you can use the app when not riding as well. Maybe some more things could be added here as well.

Anyway - just thinking out loud and wanted to give some feedback. Looks great and thanks!


(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #2

I’d have to agree with much of what Eric said. The stats page is interesting but I can already easily see all that data on the screen. The gestures was good as it’s hard to reach up to my keyboard while riding. The views would be interesting to have it just show some favorites rather than cycle through the views. I only ever use 3 or 4 views.

It seems like the phone data should add to the screen data, rather than duplicate it. Also should be where you can interact, like having the rider list that you could click on.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Great feedback! There’ll be more screens for sure, but what’s on them (and in what order the screens are presented) are up for debate - especially as it’s in serious, serious Beta.

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #4

where can I get the mobile app…

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

The mobile app is in closed Beta at the moment.