Mobile app

I tested the mobile app and it was flawless. Love the app. Couple of thoughts for future versions:
– Similar to the desktop version have a total mileage and other data screen
– A history screen of all rides (this would also be helpful for the desktop version)
– My top 5 (or whatever) times for the 3 sprints
– Option to turn off the data screen on desktop if mobile app is running

Just some thoughts but I am very impressed with the entire experience. Nice job!

Hi Raymond!

Some great feedback here for the mobile app. Right now the mobile app is more of a proof-of-concept so we’re definitely looking forward to hearing how people would like to use it.

The idea of showing the Top 5 times for each sprint point is very cool.

I can’t reach my keyboard from the bars, so a button on the mobile app to activate the bonus (aero boost, feather etc.) would be great.

Hi Irvin,

It’s there! When the app shows you which power up you have, just press that and it’ll activate it.

Thanks, feeling silly now! Whilst I used the app before and it had three screens of information, yesterday when I connected the app it only displayed one, a list of riders on the course (minus me). I could not find any way to get other screens (swiping left/right etc). Is this another user error or potentially a failure of the app to connect fully? App is android on a Samsung S5.