Lap/KOM/Sprint info on mobile app

It would be cool to see a couple of things when using the mobile app:


  1. Have the riders who currently have the KOM/Sprint/Lap jerseys highlighted with the designs in the app rider list. You can see who has the jerseys near you on the computer, but not riders near you on the mobile app

  2. A way to access leaderboards for the various KOM/Sprint/Lap sections via mobile app. Would be nice to see who the folks are in the top 10 and what kind of effort one would have to put out to get near the top of the list!

Thanks for considering!

Hi Steve, 

  1. This feature is already build in the Zwift mobile App, please make sure you run the latest version - 1.6.1 (169)
  2. I’ll add this one to our request list and hopefully more people will support it so we can put it on our radar soon.

Thank you very much! 

Thanks for the quick reply, Tom.

I checked my “about” on my mobile app (andriod), and I have version 1.6.1(179). I see no award notifications when I “peek” at other riders. 

That must be why Steve, upgrade and Ride On! :)