New Zwift Android App

I just rode for the first time tonight using the new android app on my smartphone.

I don’t like it overall.

I used to be able to click on RIDE and Iwould be into the ride straight away. I could swipe and give people ride ons, hammer time, Nice…etc.

Also, I could switch views really easily on the phone and it would change on my PC screen.

Where have all of these gone?

I actually threw my phone across the room after spending 5 minutes trying to find these features as I was already in a race!!!

Come on guys, if you are going to change something so drastically, at least give us a heads-up / tutorial.

Did you get our views in testing the app before you made such drastic changes?




It seems too

Hi Colin,

I’m sorry to hear the frustration regarding the new ZML format. 

To switch views, hammer time, I’m Toast, etc - these will be found on the main map tab. You’ll see the stop and u-turn button right above where it says Map and Dashboard, etc. You can actually slide that to the left, and you’ll see the other buttons revealed there.



I think, that ergonomy of previous panel was much better. During ride (wet fingers, deep breath, etc) it is very difficult to tap so small buttons.

It was answered in the topic


Where can I download a copy of Zwift for Android to try? 




Only the Zwift Mobile Link is available for Android at the moment, sometime this year the Zwift app should go into beta.

Oh OK, what does this post relate to then? 



The Zwift Mobile Link that runs on your phone or tablet that you can use to for selecting turns, messaging, giving Ride Ons and so on. It’s a companion app more or less.


Thanks for the prompt reply.