Mobile App to control direction

It would be great when coming up to intersections to have the ability to use the mobile app to switch direction, left, right or straight on. Although my laptop is touch screen enabled, it would be much easier using my phone attached to the handle bars.

This is already possible from the mobile app. The top 2 buttons on the mobile app gives you the same controls as the game. 

I had to ask this once also as I always used the mobile app on the first screen showing ride stats speed, power etc.

You need to swipe right to the next screen with numerous in-game functions. When you near a junction the top two buttons change to give you direction controls.

The Zwift UI is a long way from being anywhere close to intuitive so it’s easy to miss this. The buttons should really show regardless of what screen you are viewing and probably not where they can be covered over by messages!

Thanks guys. Spotted this in a different post and googled the images for the app. After posting this I went for a ride and at the second junction I came to the extra button did not show up on my mobile. I don’t think I missed it as I went out of my way just to make sure of this by slowing down and just concentrating on the phone.

Make sure you have the latest mobile app. 

Just to be clear, they are not extra buttons. They simply replace the top two buttons. 

Adding to Eric’s comments above, the buttons _ only  _appear on your mobile app (ZML) when you’ve passed the turn marker. They won’t show up if you’re in a segment that has no turn available to it. 

Once you’ve made the turn, the turn buttons go away and are replaced by their default buttons that normally reside in that position.

This article from the Zwift Community Knowlegebase might help. It describes how to turn using both the desktop/keyboard interface and the Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) interface:


Mine have stopped working, both on iPhone and iPad as well as the screenshot. I can do a u-turn, change view, etc but no turns. 

Hi Brian - are you playing Zwift on both your iPhone or iPad or do you use the ZML app on the iPhone while running Zwift on your iPad?  Can you double check to make sure that you are up to date on both? If you’re still having problems, the best thing to do is open a support ticket and include your log.txt files.  Here is a link on how to find these.… 

It’s the Zwift Mobile link app. I’ve tried it separately on both my iPhone and iPad and it doesn’t work. It did work previously. I will try deleting the apps from both and running them again from a fresh download to see if that works.