Choosing direction on Zwift Island using the app?

(C live Goodwin PACK) #1

Unless I’m being stupid, there doesn’t seem to be the ability to choose which direction you want to take on the newly updated Zwift Island from the (in my case IOs) app, or have I missed something?

Are there plans to have this feature added? I am nowhere near my keyboard while I am zwifting, so to be able to choose a change in direction in the app would be of great benefit… 

Thanks in anticipation…

(Andrew Brown FHCC) #2

Certainly on the Android app when there is an option to change direction the two top buttons on the middle screen change to allow you to select and once you have turned or gone straight on they return the the default buttons.

Now having said that I did have an instance last night when they didn’t change, that however is the first time it has happened


hope that helps

(sean sloan) #3

the top two buttons on the action screen of the app change to a direction change when its time.The wave and I think the elbow?Dont worry I couldn’t find it at first either.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Do you mean which way to turn? It’s on the screen with the blue buttons. The top two buttons change to indicate which way to turn. 

It’s a bad design, everyone seems to think it’s a bad design, and confusing for people the first time they use it.

(C live Goodwin PACK) #5

My top two buttons on the iOS app are pause & skip section. Maybe because I’m using workout mode at the moment?

I’ll have a play tonight :wink:

(Francesca Hall LSTC/PCRT) #6

When I open my app, i only have the dashboard showing ‘profile’ and ‘feed’ where it shows my activities, i have no idea how to access the ‘in-ride’ screens, or the app controls? Thanks in advance

(A Tage (Kiss B)) #7

@ Francesca Hall,

The app should be on the same wifi as your computer, with me as soon as i start to ride i then get extra screens of activities & in ride.

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #8

the direction buttons only show the first time for me

After the first turn, they dont on the second turn

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #9

Yep same thing happened to me today. I rode the first lap hilly, then turned turn left and went flat.On the third lap, I was unable to turn left and it sent me up the hill. So only one change of direction allowed it seems. 

(C live Goodwin PACK) #10

It looks like this is going to need ‘voting up’ for the Zwift Techs to take a look at it?!

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(Pete Langford C) #11

I’m very new to Zwift, but I was wondering the same thing today. I thought it was odd that I couldn’t find a way to change direction via the app. Like others have said, my laptop isn’t in easy reach when I’m riding.