Choose route direction via app

(Pete Langford C) #1

Would be great to be able to choose route direction at an intersection from the mobile app rather than having to select on the laptop - my typical set-up puts my laptop out of easy reach while I’m riding.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

You can already do that, can’t you?

“If you have the Zwift Mobile Link App paired to Zwift the top two blue buttons in the app will temporarily change to arrow buttons to allow you to make your choice, and they will go back to their standard functions once you exit the intersection area.”


(Mark Hewitt) #3

That’s been a feature from the start. The fact they’ve effectively hidden it on the blue buttons page, mean this question gets asked every day :frowning:

(Pete Langford C) #4

OK, thanks and sorry gents. I’m a noob, only started in last week. I’d swear those buttons weren’t there for an earlier ride - I really tried to look everywhere for them thinking that functionality must exist, and I was sure I’d looked right where they are during the interval that they appear. But, yes, I’ve now found them. I’ll put it down to “man blindness”.

(Rick Hullinger) #5

Peter -

Don’t feel bad, I came here ready to suggest the same thing, I hadn’t been able to find those tools, either. Since the “turn around” button is on the main screen, that’s where I expected the other directional controls to go. So they aren’t in the best place, but they are available.