Add intersection turn options to main screen of Mobile Link.

I think the turn options should pop up on the bottom of the main screen of the Mobile Link app and replace the U-turn and Stop buttons when nearing an intersection.

They pop up on the top of the second page of the Zwift Mobile Link app already.

Paul, I know that. But I think it’s silly that the turning controls are on the messaging page.


I believe they should also appear on the primary page that also shows all of the data.

Yes, the turning features were badly designed from day 1. Logically they should be on the same screen as the stop and u-turn buttons, and greyed out when not in use.

I think having the buttons always displayed would use up a lot of real estate, particularly for some people who have a keyboard handy and use ZML as a remote stat display.  What if instead (or perhaps as an alternative in addition to buttons) you could use motion of the phone to indicate turn intention.  I want to go left?  Just rotate the phone leftward.

It solves the problem of sweaty fingers and registering a button press.  I think you would still need buttons as some people have their phones mounted around the stem area.  I do like the idea of a temporary pop up turn button display though.  I would suggest having it the same visual icons as what you see on the screen.

Duane, I am asking that the turning buttons temporarily replace the “U-Turn” and “Stop” buttons on the main display screen.

This is exactly the same function as on the message/communication screen.

They will not use up any more real estate than the two buttons they replace during the 10-30 seconds that you are in a turning zone.

I think it would look fine

Yup, that’s the idea.  Great work, Mark!

Additionally, it would be cool if the currently selected turning direction would be highlighted in some way.

Color or halo change to show the current one if no change is made, or show what was selected once done.  Just like shown on the main riding screen.

Yes, I would also say that when not in an intersection the turn buttons would have a grey background, and obviously they wouldn’t always be left and right, sometimes straight on and left etc.