Suggestion for enhancing mobile device user experience

I find some of the icons are too small on my mobile device.  I have an iPhone 6S.  The biggest problem is when I try to use a power up.  The bar at the bottom is too small for me as are the turn right and stay straight options.  This morning I latched on to a group of riders but got dropped because I couldn’t tap the turn left button in time.


So what if on the dashboard screen, you tap anywhere on the screen and then the available action options from that screen pop up and cover the whole screen so they are bigger?  I believe when applicable, on the dashboard screen you can choose to turn around, stop the ride and maybe use a power up? 


And how about on the more detailed action screen, if you tap anywhere on the top half of the screen, it blows up the top half of the action items to dominate the screen and tap the bottom, you get the bottom half action items?

I also have an iPhone 6. The blue buttons as well as the powerups are massive! Too big even.


But I agree the navigation functions are poorly implemented. It doesn’t make any sense that the turnaround and stop buttons are on the dashboard screen, whereas the turning buttons are on a different screen and take the place of other buttons which are usually there, it’s pretty awful from a UI point of view.

My suggestion is simply to put the left / right buttons onto the dashboard screen and leave them greyed out when there’s no option to choose, then it’s perfectly obvious how to use the turns and there won’t be another 10,000 posts this winter in Zwift Riders asking how to turn.

I tested the mobile app just an hour ago and missed all my turns as I could not find the turn buttons.

Could somebody point me to the turn buttons, please?

I might be a bit of a muppet but I can’t see them anywhere…


The phone in question is an Iphone5s