give us back the BIG buttons in mobile link

after the latest update that brought us the map, the controls have been shrunk to tiny buttons at the bottom of the map, this meant that today i hit the skip block accidentially during a workout, trying to scroll to the change intensity button… THAT IS NO FUN

so could we get an extra screen like the dashboard with all the relevant buttons (including permanent intensity up and down buttons) and maybe also an ok button to quickly remove contest completion and others like it.


we already have a map on the pc screen so i see no need for the mobile one

Last update is horrible cause it drains battery of the iPhone and freezes sometime especially when open messages menu. Previous version of ZML was much better and comfortable to use. I use it on my iPhone7 and iPhone 4s. 

Zwift, don’t forget to test new version of app and adopt it for old iPhones too. It’s very important that you can easily use it even with the iPhone 4s. It’s not an app for heavy 3D graphics. It should be easy and light app with reachable buttons that  doesn’t drain battery after 1 hour of using.

Hopefully Zwift are paying attention to the comments in their Strava post that advertised the new Mobile Link app. Some very useful observations from users that  Zwift could and should learn from.

The feature overload in the new app has killed its usability and I 100% agree with Christian about the need to get the big buttons back. I was trying to scroll through the buttons during a fast group ride this morning and accidentally hit the wrong one and mucked me around for a short while. Not happy!

Too many presses and swipes with icons that are too small. Really poor design for sweaty fingers, especially when concentrating on the ride and even worse for larger fingers.

Get rid of the map - it serves no purpose as there is one on the main screen. The app’s only purpose should be a way of controlling key functions in the game. There isn’t any need to display any kind of data at all as it’s all already shown on the maim screen.

The new ZML is way way better than the old one and the buttons at the bottom far more useful than having them on a seperate page.