Just love the new mobile link update

I too love the new mobile link update. The map is great. Is there a way to remove the map from the screen on my laptop when I’m using the mobile link map?

Last update is horrible cause it drains battery of the iPhone and freezes sometime especially when you open messages menu. Previous version of ZML was much better and comfortable to use. I use it on my iPhone7 and iPhone 4s. 

Zwift, don’t forget to test new version of app and adopt it for old iPhones too. It’s very important that you can easily use it even with your iPhone 4s. It’s not an app for heavy 3D graphics. It should be easy and light app which doesn’t drain battery after 1 hour of using.

The android version of the app drains the battery too but not much more than I would expect for an app that keeps the screen on at all times and is using bluetooth and wifi continously.

I used it for a little over an hour this morning and lost around 30% battery. It’s not too crazy, a navigation app will drain it MUCH faster.

Comparably to version 2.0.6 (before added the map) it darains battery aprox. twice faster on the iPhone 4s. That’s bad. It should be an option to disable this map. It doesn’t need to keep two the same maps at the same time on the iPhone and on the tv screen.

To me the battery drain is not an issue. I just plug my phone into the charger or my backup battery. Hey, I’m inside on my trainer with power available.