Companion drains battery and lost signal

I’ve used Mobile Link app on my iPhone for more than a year. It works really well to pair (bluetooth) my heartrate monitor and my Tacx Vortex Smart. I run Zwift on a PC. I usually leave my iPhone screen on, so I can see the map, watt and everything even if I can see it on my PC too.

Since the new Companion app udpdate, when I’m doing a workout, if I select the Workout screen on the Companion app, it DRAINS my iPhone battery very fast. It’s a shame because the Workout screen is really great. But in 30 minutes, my battery went from 85% to 35%. 

So I switch back to Map screen, then no battery drain anymore. Good. But since 35% was a bit low, I turned off my iPhone screen to preserve battery. And then… no more bluetooth signal! I was in a workout at 245W for 20 minutes, and the PC was showing 0 W, 0 kmh.

I turn on my iPhone again, Companion app was already opened, and after a few seconds it reconnects to Zwift and I was able to complete my 20 minutes interval. 

But then, at the end of the interval, I discovered it was stuck at 245w. Impossible to produce more or less watt.

Yesterday I did a workout too, and the exact same thing happened.

Bottomline, I want the old Mobile Link back! The new Companion app is not working well enough.