Zwift Companion Draining Battery

Zwift Companion seems recently to be draining my iPhone battery extra specially quickly.

I’ve got my sensors paired directly to my PC (not using Companion as a bridge). Yet even with my iPhone plugged into a charger, the battery is dropping about 40% during a 90 minute ride.

It’s not another app. I checked the battery usage in Settings. 82% of the battery usage is by Companion (Audio). Next highest is Mail at 6%.

The battery is relatively new. I had it replaced a few months ago.

Anybody else seeing this? Any idea what changed or suggestions for reducing the power consumption?

Hmm I wonder why it says “Audio”. Do you have Game Sound Effects turned on in Companion settings? You might try turning that off, although I can’t think of a reason why it should be a battery hog. I’m using an iPhone XR and have not seen that problem with iOS 15 or 16.

Just checked that. Game Sound Effects are off.

Sorry if this is excessively obvious, but have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

I have, but have not tested it since.