Companion App causing laptop to loose bluetooth connection

Just got a new laptop with win 10. Now I am able to connect my devices directly to laptop when running Zwift via the laptops on board blue tooth. Works great. Tried using companion with it and shortly after launching the app the devices come up as no signal. Other than the devices dropping out companion seems to be working as the game screen is running and showing my position in Watopia. Once the signals are lost I have to shut everything down and start over, making sure the companion app is closed in my android. Note: the companion app is not enabled in the Zwift menu so I would assume it would not try and connect to the devices. Am I mistaken or isn’t the companion app still supposed to work over the local network regardless of bluetooth connection? Also I have the same problem weather bluetooth is on or off on the android. Thanks

If you can switch to ANT+ I would suggest doing that. It will be a much better experience.

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Has something changed in the Companion app? I’m experiencing problems in getting heart rate to show via Companion app. Heart rate is properly shown in the pairing screen, but soon after entering the game, the heart rate disappears. It is not possible to get the heart rate back without restarting the game.

Try replacing the battery.

I think the HRM battery is fine. The strap works properly with a separate HRM, cycling computer and smartphone.

Anyway the Companion app should be able to refind the HRM strap if the connection is lost.

Thanks Gerrie, I successfully updated the drivers for Blue Tooth on my Win 10 Laptop. (Something that was suggested to me.) Unfortunately now for some reason my Tacx is invisible but heart rate works great. I don’t know what to say. I went back to using the Companion App and thankfully that is working fine now. I took your advise and ordered an Ant+ dongle.
Also to Petri, I have had the same thing happen while using companion with my Wahoo HRM. Sometimes it recaptures the signal sometimes not. Hoping Ant + will solve all these issues.

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