New android mobile app sucks the battery

Mobile app update with new maps looks nice but it is sucking the life out of my battery. Battery sucked dry in 1.5 hours.  Not sure why I need another map since you have one on the computer screen. Get rid of it if it saves battery life or put it on a pages separate from the controls so I don’t have to waste battery life with a map that is redundant

Mobile app Ver 2.1 released Oct 1 2017

Most of the issues causing battery drain are due to applications running in the background. Typically things such as email and so forth. Make sure all background apps are closed down, and try it again, see if there’s any change.

I never run anything else when running zwift mobile, because zwift mobile sucks rhe battery down to nothing. I’ve long ago disabled almost all background app operation and the only time the battery runs down in an hour is when running zwift mobile so it’s not any other applications at fault