Mobile Link 1.5 eating battery life

Hi, the 1.5 version appears to be a CPU hog and can drain a fully charged Galaxy S2 in under 90 minutes. I had no problems with version 1.4 and even after a 4 hour ride the battery would be at 50% plus.

To be sure it is not a phone issue, I ran the app on my newer Galaxy s5 and witnessed the same effect. Both phones got warm to hot on their backs showing the CPU was taking a hammering.

One final note is the app turns on bluetooth without asking and there appears to be no option in the settings to disable that behavior. I have to manually turn it off again each time. 

Same problem on my LG G4.  After 1 hour this morning, I had lost 90% of battery.  Even plugged in to a charge, it is slowly losing battery.  Only since the new version.

Havent noted the heat/CPU … but after the update my battery drain is exceptional.  On an Xperia Z3, for which I can normally go days without charging, can do an 8 hr outside ride with Data/GPS and Bluetooth on and have 30% left … the Zwift App is just destroying the battery after only 2 hrs.

Version 1.5.2 is out but its still eating battery life.

Same issue here on Samsung S edge +

Even streeeming on WIFI and watching youtube videos does not drain battery so fast. Must admit previous version was a lot more optimized. Hope that great Zwift personal will solve it fast.

I have 1.5.2 on my Samsung S6 and it went from 40% to zero in less than 45 min.  Am having lots of fun so far and enjoy the software.

Has anyone had a response to a Support ticket for this or noted a change?

I had to uninstall the app as even when plugged into the USB port on a computer, it drained faster than it could be charged.  First time Ive ever had an alert on the phone to this effect.

Same here. Battery power goes down the drain in less than 60 minutes. I use a Samsung S4 mini.

Hi all –

ZML 1.6 for Android hopefully fixes the problem, or at least helps it significantly.

Ride on,



Fixed for me in 1.6 :slight_smile: