Mobile Link 1.5 eating battery life

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #1

Hi, the 1.5 version appears to be a CPU hog and can drain a fully charged Galaxy S2 in under 90 minutes. I had no problems with version 1.4 and even after a 4 hour ride the battery would be at 50% plus.

To be sure it is not a phone issue, I ran the app on my newer Galaxy s5 and witnessed the same effect. Both phones got warm to hot on their backs showing the CPU was taking a hammering.

One final note is the app turns on bluetooth without asking and there appears to be no option in the settings to disable that behavior. I have to manually turn it off again each time. 

(Doug Cowperthwaite ODZ (C)) #2

Same problem on my LG G4.  After 1 hour this morning, I had lost 90% of battery.  Even plugged in to a charge, it is slowly losing battery.  Only since the new version.

(Craig Hoskin) #3

Havent noted the heat/CPU … but after the update my battery drain is exceptional.  On an Xperia Z3, for which I can normally go days without charging, can do an 8 hr outside ride with Data/GPS and Bluetooth on and have 30% left … the Zwift App is just destroying the battery after only 2 hrs.

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #4

Version 1.5.2 is out but its still eating battery life.

(Mareks =MC= SZR) #5

Same issue here on Samsung S edge +

Even streeeming on WIFI and watching youtube videos does not drain battery so fast. Must admit previous version was a lot more optimized. Hope that great Zwift personal will solve it fast.

(Alan McEntee) #6

I have 1.5.2 on my Samsung S6 and it went from 40% to zero in less than 45 min.  Am having lots of fun so far and enjoy the software.

(Craig Hoskin) #7

Has anyone had a response to a Support ticket for this or noted a change?

I had to uninstall the app as even when plugged into the USB port on a computer, it drained faster than it could be charged.  First time Ive ever had an alert on the phone to this effect.

(Mark Schouten) #8

Same here. Battery power goes down the drain in less than 60 minutes. I use a Samsung S4 mini.

(system) #9

Hi all –

ZML 1.6 for Android hopefully fixes the problem, or at least helps it significantly.

Ride on,



(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #10

Fixed for me in 1.6 :slight_smile: