Better UI for IOS Users

I am only two rides into the Zwift world and I should start off by saying I love it! I will definitely become a subscriber and long time user, so thank you.

However, I am someone who will only be using my iPhone 7 mounted to my handlebars to run the app and I could not see any of the pertinent information of my workout. 

The list of upcoming intervals on the left side was so small, yet, there was plenty of real estate to enlarge this window. The timer that shows how much time remains for the interval was the smallest font on the screen and I had to constantly lean forward and get very close to my phone to see how much time was left.

Perhaps this is already in the works, but might I suggest options to customize the UI to enlarge certain items? I would also love the option to forgo the screen showing your avatar completely, and have an option to just have the entire screen show all the pertinent information of your ride, with nice and large fonts.