I wish for... user defined GUI settings.

I probably need to go to my optician and update my contact lenses and glasses anyway, but with the introduction of Zwift on iOS (which I on the whole think is a great experience!) some of the fonts - the rider list on the right for instance - are a bit hard to read. I use an iPad Air 2 with a Tacx handlebar bracket.

It would be nice if I could do some font size adjustments (and color perhaps?) in the user GUI. Please put this in future updates :slight_smile:

Richard, you’re missing the whole point: This is your excuse to buy a 50-inch screen :wink:

It should be possible to decide what part of the GUI is shown or (in an ideal case) resize each part of the gui.

e.g: In workout mode I don’t need a riders list and I would like to decrease the size of the workout display.

Being able to turn off the HUD, and/or adjust what content is displayed, would be great!