Zwift’s graphical user interface

Hi, newbie here.
I get the feeling most Zwifters have huge TV screens. I use an ipad, so small screen & don’t intend to go big screen. It would be great if some of the panels were different sizes. For instance I struggle to see the inclination graphic just below the map. Does anyone know if you can toggle between a large screen & small screen mode?

Hi @Joseph_Little1

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No there’s not a option to switch.

I’m not sure Zwift wad designed to be run on phone screens. It’s obviously engineered to run but most likely with a view that most people will cast it to a bigger screen.

Yes a lot of the text is very small on a modestly sized ipad. It’s even worse when you’re running, due to head movement. Basically unreadable.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
From a perspective of diversity & accommodating huge numbers of people who are fit (or trying to get fit) who simply don’t have great eyesight, this is very disappointing. The innovation of toggling between text/view sizes is standard in much software.
Do you know how can one contact Zwift management to ensure they hear these perspectives?

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I hear you.

My eyesight is okay, but…

The text sizes also need work on the new main menu, even on large screen sizes (55 inch here).

With the UI set large you have some small text on some things like route details slide out and that’s hard to see from a distance.

I imagine it’s still a work in progress.

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I use a 55" TV about 10’ away from my trainer and it’s hard to see the text in the new settings menu. I don’t have the new home screen yet but it looks like it would have the same issue. Chat messages are difficult to see too. +1 for being able to adjust text sizes.