Infographic top right of screen

Apologies if this has been raised, I use an iPad for zwift and sometimes stream to a 50” tv. The info graphic at the top right is a real struggle for me. Can’t tell which direction I’m heading and while climbing a mountain or approaching / within a sprint section I would imagine some more stats would show up here. Maybe a counting down distance meter for a sprint and mountain kom, other graphics also could appear. And just the actual direction of the teeny tiny orange arrow that I can just never quite figure out

Same here. In on a 50" TV 8 feet away and I can’t see it clearly either

The thing is Zwift is like a Computer game, that is made to be on screen close to the viewer.

If you use a 27in monitor at 1ft from your handle bars you will see all the details.

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Assuming it’s 4K resolution, a 50in TV should be much closer than 8ft to get full benefit of the detail. More like 3ft:

That’s not to say you’d want to be that close. :rofl:

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