TV size too big for close up cycling?

I am setting up my very first zwift setup and I need some advice on sizing. I am going to be ~4 ft from the screen on my bike, budget isnt really an issue as all the screens I am looking at are $50 more for another 5" in size.

So my question is at ~4 ft distance is a 50 or 55" in TV going to be too large/disorienting? Should I size down to a 43"?

I’ve definitely seen others using that sort of setup.

My trainer is very close to a 49" TV and it’s absolutely fine. In fact it’s better than fine, it’s great. A decent-sized screen is much more immersive.

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Hey Danny, welcome to the forums.

Use this as a guide, based on size and definition. I’m 55" 4k and about 3~4ft

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I’m pretty close to a 49” and like it. Wouldn’t want to go any bigger though and I think it’d worsen the experience. Set at the right height then most info is within easy viewing without having to move your head. As much as the projectors and massive screens look good I think they’d be uncomfortable in regular use

Just in relation to that chart above, it’s worth noting that if using a graphics card capable of Ultra profile (GTX 960/1050 and higher/newer), you have access to all resolution settings and you’re not limited to the native resolution of the display. So you can run the game on the 1440p or 4K resolution settings on a big 1080p TV, which looks progressively sharper. It’s like increasing the anti-aliasing, which gets rid of jaggies and looks great. 4K requires much stronger hardware to maintain 60fps though.

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Has anyone done the calculations of having an overhead projector so when in First person view the ratio is correct based on the distance your smart bike or trainer is from the screen?

Thanks for the feedback everybody! I just went to bestbuy and picked up a 50" sony X85J. I will let folks know how it is once I get my full setup.

I chose the sony as it has a flicker-free backlight so it is less eyestrain for those of us that notice the minute amount of backlight flicker most sets employ.


I setup the 50" and it worked perfectly! I can see how a bigger TV would be even more immersive and even at that size sometimes I can barely see the direction arrow on the segment course, but I think it works really well! Here is a pic of the setup!


Beans is an interesting choice for ride fuel

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So much protein! :smile: Also keeps my training mat in place as it likes to slide around