Screen and application set up?

Hello all,
I’d appreciate a little feedback on my proposed new set up to replace my laptop, ideally I’d like huge TV and powerful of but the latter will have come later and I have no room for a large TV/monitor.
So I’m thinking of Apple TV 4K and Toshiba 32 Inch 32LK3C63DB Smart Full HD HDR LED to make my experience a little more immersive.

That sound like a downgrade from your laptop, except if it is a very old potato.

ATV4K does not have Zwift in 4K it is the basic profile.

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Can you go desktop pc? That way you can open up better graphics than the ATV can offer. Also less limiting in terms of BT/ANT+ options.

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Thanks for the replies.
Yes I could spec out a pc which could be fairly future proofed but I suppose the issue is getting a monitor which are quite expensive to show 4k and around 32”.

I shouldn’t worry about going full 4k. A PC capable of Zwift is very cheap and a graphics card that can run Zwift in ultra profile is also equally cheap. Don’t worry about 4k as you’ll not notice much difference between 4k and HD.

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You can use the TV you listed with a PC.


The TV vs monitor decision is also affected by how far your face will be from the display

I’d say my face would be no less than 50cm/1.5 feet.

Do as I do, get a Chromecast and cast from the laptop or pc to the telly

Why limit yourself to 32"? Or a really expensive Apple TV or 50" standard TV?

Go larger (60-100" scren) BUT cheaper. A projector will be perfect. I’ve not done it yet, but that’s what I’m going to do.

On a side-note - interested if anyone has gone down the projector route and what gotchas there were, if any.

32 or at a big stretch up to 40 is as big as I can go as I’m space limited.

Room need to be dark, picture quality is :face_vomiting:

I would not go bigger than 40" if the screen is at 50cm. 32" will be fine at that distance.

My wife has a 46 at about 60cm and it is on the edge of being to big.
I have a 27" at 30cm and it id good. I will treat my self to a 32" at some point.

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Good video. Worth a watch.

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