Newbie setup questions - your wisdom is sought please

Hi all, new guy and first time zwifter here looking to complete my indoor training set up for this winter and have a couple of questions.
My Wahoo Kickr and climb have arrived and I’ve got an 43” Android based TV that I can dedicate to my pain cave.
I’ve also got short HDMI cable that I can attach to my iPad Pro and plug in to the tv so basically good to go.
My question is would I get a better experience if I bought a longer HDMI cable and connected to my iMac ( 2020 Apple iMac 27, Intel Core i5) or added an Apple TV 4K in to the mix? By better, I’m thinking graphics and stability.
I also saw a recent head to head comparison by DC Rainmaker of the current vs previous Apple TV 4K units - have the graphics limitations he spoke about been resolved - I can see the buttons on the new remote are starting to work now but probably still a work in progress.
Basically which of these three options would be the one to settle on? (Ipad/iMac/Apple TV)
Anything else I need??
Thanks for your wisdom.

Hi @Ian_Kershaw, welcome to the forums.

I believe the Apple TV and the iPad will both get the basic graphics profile. Depending on the graphics card you have in the iMac, this might be your best option. If you have a nice graphics card then you should get better than basic graphics. The good news is you can easily compare the iMac to your iPad and see which one you like better.

Thanks Mike, the iMac came with a Radeon Pro 5300 installed. Maybe I’ll try and get a long HDMI then to check this against the iPad - no difference between the iPad the Apple TV 4K then i guess?

ATV4K is handy but the graphics are limited and you can only use bluetooth. Also limited to 2 connections unless you use the companion app or other esoteric means. With the Mac you can use BT or Ant+ (via a dongle) and for some (like me) Ant+ can be more stable. If your new TV is 4K, you might get 4K via the Mac…not with ATV or iPad.
Many use the ATV with no problem but some have issues…seems to be fewer complaints with Ant+.

Thanks Chris - all things considered it’s sounding like hooking up the iMac to the TV is the best option. I’ll be connecting the Kickr, Kickr Climb plus Garmin HRM so need 3 connections.
5Mtr USB C to HDMI cable needed then - cheers