Wait for new Apple TV or get current 4K model?

So I’m in the awkward position of setting up in a new place. Have a TV coming and the trainer all setup, but no Apple TV yet.

I’ve had an Apple TV 4K running Zwift before until I gifted the Apple TV when I couldn’t ride. It was okay. Nice to have Zwift on the big screen but graphics are a bit dated. 1080p I think.

Apple event is in a few weeks and I’m wondering if should I wait to see if a new one is announced. Even if it does, it might not available for months. And maybe it won’t graphically be any different?

Anyone have an ideas on what might happen in terms of ATV and Zwift if anything?

As far as apple products go, the word is that there will be refreshes of ipads and iphones as well as an updated operating system all to be announced shortly. There have been zero rumours as to a refresh of Apple TV 4k with a new GPU capable of 4k graphics. That being said they have been focused on Apple TV+ and their subscription game app Arcade so who knows?


Had a look at the macrumours buyers guide there and see they’re saying it’s a ‘don’t buy’.

If they have a lot of software or platform updates for it then that would be enough to shift more units I guess. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking that they’ll put something out that would improve Zwift :smiley:

Zwift would know by now if Apple were putting out new hardware surely? Apple do seem to work with some developers before releases…

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Looks like the new Apple TV will get an A12 chip according to a leak yesterday. A12 can’t handle 4K gaming for sure. I’m hoping it can run a higher res than 1080p though…

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